people inside the basketball court
people inside the basketball court

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Our Vision is to be able to provide financial support to the disadvantaged youth and their families in our local communities.

Some of us grew up as that kid with great potential. It just had to be cultivated. But we couldn’t surpass the financial hardships associated with playing youth sports. Lucky for many of us we gazed by with the support of the community coaches, parents and just good old Citizens that want nothing more than to see every child with an opportunity to succeed at life.

over the years the need has become greater for Organizations like ours to be able to step in and be a supportive foundation and take back our youth and guide them towards a life of prosperity!

We want to be that Financial Support System, that outlet to make playing youth sports financially accessible again. We want to do away with worrying and provide access and opportunities to the youth and their families!

We have made quality our habit. Providing the player, coach, and audience with an outstanding experience, it’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.
Providing financial resources, assistance & support to the Boys & Girls within the sports community.

Ballin 2 BA Blessing * Community Outreach Programs.

We have so much planned for our youth ! Check out our Events page.

Ready, Set, Ball!

This is a Basketball Clinic you don't want to miss!

No child should be left behind!

We're looking for partners & Sponsors like you!

When you support us in one of these ways, you gain access to some pretty cool exclusive offers. Receive updates on our organization players, players college commitments, signing, and college whereabouts. Stay up to date on player whereabouts without roster newsletters for sponsors. Partner programs and get opportunities to win exclusive merchandise for your donation. Whether you're looking to donate funding towards a particular sporting team, player, or coach, you're supporting the Community Outreach Program in a major way.

Finding an organization that takes youth sports seriously is hard to come by. Here at Ballin 2 Be A Blessin, our organization takes pride, dedication, and care into blessing the youth. If you'd like to sponsor a particular player, or team, please click the button below.

They say "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Whether you're the hard worker, or the talent, they both have the same financial obligations to compete. However, due to sporting, financial hardships, some players go on to sign scholarships, while the others give up their dream because their parents can't afford them to play.

Are you that parent that knows your child has potential if only they played with the right traveling, AAU team, but can't shake the financial obligations for your children to compete?

At Ballin 2 BA Blessing, we have an entire staff dedicated and able to provide financial resources, mentorship programs, athletic training, and so much more. Many people within our staff have had the same relatable stories but went on to obtain Division one scholarships because a sponsor took a chance on us. We've created ways to assist our youth through our sponsorship programs, and youth athletic gear packages. Sometimes, a sponsor is the only reason way children go on to sign college scholarships, and with Ballin 2 BA Blessing, we believe that your children's only focus should be to compete when there's a true passion, and love for the game. Help pave the way for our youth with by becoming a sponsor, or one time donor.